We use the term Millenoxide to express the way business will be done in the new millennium: offering flexible multi-discipline services is now possible for any company, and is even essential for growth and survival. In the past this was nearly impossible without having this large in-house experience, to tackle the various problems and technical difficulties that the various kinds of projects bring.

In this era however, all necessary technology is available at your fingertips, at low cost.

This readily available technology is also referred to as Millenoxide: as of now the key to company strength and flexibility. No limits anymore on what companies can offer their clients: using proven technology developed and thoroughly tested by third-party companies; companies like Wanpatan.

About Us

Wanpatan Software Lab has a strong background in multimedia. We specialize in the design and production of corporate identity, advertising and promotional material, multimedia programs, interface design of state-of-the-art information technology and Ruleta Hry sites on the World Wide Web.

We further offer photography, script writing, illustration skills, slide presentations, animation, video and packaging design.


Our goal is to offer customized solutions to satisfy our customers' needs. We strive to develop user-friendly programs to boost productivity of users in various professions in a more convenient, more creative and more relaxing way.


Multimedia, by definition, is the use of several types of media together. A multimedia program can combine color photographs, sound, text, graphics, animation and video. The interactive aspect is achieved by utilizing the intelligence of the computer. Presentation formats range from printed media, slides, projection systems, video tapes and portable presentation devices to touch-screen kiosks.